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LastPass’s approach is more proactive, but 1Password gives you more flexibility. You can click on the 1Password extension icon to see a list of your available accounts related to the site you’re on. Pick one of them and 1Password will automatically fill in your username and password. Alternatively, you can click on the username or password fields, and press Command + \ (Ctrl + \ on Windows).

The advantage, therefore, of using a separate "sync passphrase" is to make sure that anyone who has your Gmail password will not have your sync password. Consider the case of someone malicious getting access to your account. Said bad guy can dump all your session cookies, grab your history, install malicious extension to intercept all your browsing activity, or install OS user account level monitoring software. My point is that once the bad guy got access to your account the game was lost, because there are just too many vectors for him to get what he wants.

  • 1Password is our favorite looking password manager, by far, and its credential-sharing features are robust and easy to use.
  • It also means you’ll have to remember it — or write it down somewhere safe — because there’s no way to recover it if you forget it.
  • With many password managers, your master password is encrypted locally on your device, as opposed to the software’s cloud server.
  • This means that only you will ever have access to it, making it difficult for hackers to get into your account.
  • And we love all the different techniques 1Password uses to show you if your passwords are actually safe, including comparing them against lists of known breaches.
  • But if even one of those accounts is subject to a security breach, any other account with the same credentials becomes vulnerable.

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By comparison, the autocomplete that we’ve been talking about is a very carefully-controlled security-enhancing solution. And if you use it for anything at all, you’ll want to use it for your most secure passwords? If you use your Google Account password, then the passwords are decrypted with no further intervention on your part. Note that the actual password is in fact required; access to the Google Account alone isn’t sufficient. I’ve seen situations where Chrome had successfully managed to log in and fetch its sync data through external authorization but was not able to decrypt it until I typed in the original Gmail password.

This page provides a list of options you can try if you get locked out of your vault. However, they all involve working around the access you already have. There’s no method for the company to help you regain access to your vault if you lose your password. The feature will also tell you in what percentile of LastPass users your security practices rank. When it comes to security, it’s often less important to be perfectly impenetrable than it is to be more secure than someone else.

If LastPass recognizes a login page, it fills the username and password fields in by default, letting you just click the sign in button and be on your way. If it doesn’t recognize the site or you want to use a different account, you can click the LastPass logo in the login box which will open a list of your accounts connected to that site. Click the account you want to log in with and LastPass will autofill that username and password. LastPass, on the other hand, doesn’t really focus on desktop apps. The company offers a "universal installer" for both Mac and Windows that will download browser extensions for every browser, or you can microsoft directx download them all individually.

This will automatically enter whatever credentials 1Password thinks are most likely to be the right one. If you’d rather pick from a list of accounts, you can press Command + Option + \ (Ctrl + Alt + \ on Windows) to pull up a dialog box that will let you choose which account you want to log in with. Alternatively, you can right-click, select 1Password, and then select your account.

There are also desktop apps for LastPass in the Windows and Mac app stores, but both are more-or-less just the web version of LastPass running in a dedicated window. LastPass’s own documentation recommends that you use a combination of browser extensions and mobile apps. A password manager isn’t very useful if you can’t use it everywhere. If you’re going to have passwords that are difficult to remember and type in, you’re going to need the software to help you enter your passwords no matter what site you’re on. Our expert walks you through how to set up and take advantage of the features in our favorite, 1Password.

This standing score can help give you some perspective on how good or bad your practices are. It’s best practice to change your passwords every once in a while. And even if you ignore those best practices, you’ll eventually get locked out of an account or a website you have an account on will get hacked. Regardless, when it comes time to change your password, LastPass and 1Password will both attempt to pick up the new password and update your vault. LastPass gives you a brief pop-up telling you that it’s changed the password in the vault, while 1Password will ask if you want to use the new password.