The Way To Get”The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” to Perform Faster Within an Emulator

Many who have attempted with an emulator to play with The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on their computer have run into exactly the exact same problem: agonizingly slow gameplay. Before giving up, try out this advice to create the game run faster. Although some spots in the game, like running through Hyrule area, may still run somewhat slowly, these modifications will definitely make the game more playable and enjoyable. Many locations, such as within temples, will easily run at full speed after implementing the following hacks.

Dolphin Emulator

Dolphin is the primary emulator for both GameCube and also Wii games. Instead of employing one of the most recent versions to play Twilight Princess, however, utilize Dolphin 3.0. This early version of Dolphin lacks the picture punch of later variants, but consequently, it will enable a more graphically-complex game such as Twilight Princess to play quicker. It’s true, you are forfeiting images for speed, but it might be necessary if the match plays too slowly otherwise. (IMPORTANT!

Preferences for Dolphin

  • Click on”Options” in the top of the start up window, and then click on”Configure.” The first tap shows General settings. Make sure both”Permit Duel Center” and”Enable Idle Skipping” are checked. Then, farther down assess”JIT Recompiler.” Leave the rest on default settings.
  • Click again on”Choices,” then visit”Graphics Settings.” Leave the remainder on default settings.
  • This next step is essential. Click the match in the Dolphin start up window, and then click “Properties.” In the base, you will notice a button for”Edit Config.” Delete”False” and form”True” in its location, so you have”EFBToTextureEnable = True.”

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Once more, we’re sacrificing graphics for pace, but it is needed. If you’re using the latest edition of Dolphin, this previous hack will produce the map turn into a useless pixely square, however in 3.0, it’s at least weakly visible. When you have a look at the screenshots, you will see that the map has been still disappeared, but in most locations, you can create it out well enough to get by. You’ll also observe that the modifications we have made so far make the character’s eyes, carpeting, wall hangings, plus a few different graphics incomplete (with empty horizontal lines cutting the images ). It is a small point to put up , however, when the game might be too slow to play without employing these changes.


In the event you use Dolphin 5.0 (or a later version, I would imagine), click the game title as you would from the steps above (on your main Dolphin window match list), go into properties, then look at the”Game Config” tab. Now, near the base, you will find that a”Hyrule Field Rate Hack” patch enabled. Leave the drop-down next to it on”playable”, but now go into the”Patches” tab. Be sure that the”Hyrule Field Speed Hack” is checked (the default option could leave it unchecked, since it did on mine). Continue to use the general Dolphin settings outlined above and follow the advice below, but this patch needs to dramatically speed up gameplay, particularly in exceptionally slow Hyrule Field places.

Additional methods for Faster Gameplay at Twilight Princess

  • This first tip might seem quite simple, but it can definitely help. Make certain no other programs are running on your computer and no other windows are open. Furthermore, in case you have been running your pc for some timethen leave it off or on sleep mode for some time to allow it to cool down and then start fresh. Immediately run Dolphin before launching anything, like your own browser. This can easily make the difference between the game running slower or faster. Also, make sure you aren’t coming to the limit on storage area, and do upkeep such as operating CCleaner, deleting temp files, defragmenting, and making sure no unnecessary programs are running during startup. A faster computer usually means a faster game.
  • Secondly, whenever possible, avoid running through Hyrule area (or other big open places ) from the daytime. Unlike other Zelda games, becoming to nighttime might indicate waiting about for a little while, but if you have a great deal to do in Hyrule area –like grabbing Poes or bugs, then the wait will be well worth it and you’ll run around much quicker without the harsher daylight graphics. If you don’t like waiting , then strategize by benefiting from the night whenever you find yourself in it. Use that time to take care of these”Hyrule field tasks.”

    Question: When I begin The Legend of Zelda at 3.0 it says that memory card a is corrupted. What can I do about it?

    Answer: I am not sure there’s anything you can do except to try out another edition of Dolphin, or even attempt 3.0 on another computer. But make certain to look at the update section of this article (about version 5.0 or after ) as that may work better for you than trying to operate 3.0